Double Chocolate, Double Shots, Double Cheese = Yes Please! Double Teething… Ahh! Run for your Life!

I woke up this morning to Hubby standing over me asking “Do you want to feed him or do you want me to get him a bottle?”  Without opening my eyes, I let him know that I had just fed him an hour earlier and every other hour before that throughout the night.  As I slowly forced myself to pry my eyes open, I heard the loud babbling followed by the repetitive “thump!” of Miss 17 months dropping her legs against the side of her crib over and over again from across the hall.  Without looking at the video monitor, I can tell that she has pulled all of her board books inside of her crib from the basket on the floor and is happily “reading” them.  I can also hear the high pitched squeals and low “Da! Da! Da! Da!” through the wall from the room next door.  Baby Boy is awake as well.  I looked at Hubby and said “It sounds like we live in a zoo!” to which he quickly responded “Yeah pretty much!  The monkeys and orangutans are awake and ready for their first feeding!”

Hubby had to go into work today.  It took all the energy I had to lift my body out of bed.  I bribed myself with coffee.  Yes.  I will make a huge pot of strong coffee as soon as my feet hit the floor.  I also bribed myself with the promise of a nap later to catch up on lost sleep.  My goal for today would be to achieve SNT  (Simultaneous Nap Time.)  If I can miraculously get both babies to sleep at the same time today, maybe I can sleep too.  This plan didn’t work so well for last night but Hey!  You’ve gotta have dreams, right?

I finally coaxed myself out of bed and decided since both babies were content playing in their cribs that I would start my day off with a shower.  Showers usually don’t happen until Hubby is home to take over as ringmaster of the circus and at least one baby is sleeping.  I’m playing with fire here since my happy playing babies could turn into double-freakouts any minute now but I need the shower to wake me up!

It’s been a tiresome couple of days.  Both babies are teething.  This is something we didn’t anticipate at all when we found out we were having babies 11 months apart.  Simultaneous teething.  *Shudder.*  What a nightmare.  Miss 17 months is getting her “eye teeth”  a.k.a. the pointy ones on either side of the top 4 front teeth and we thought we had bought some time with Mr. 6 months since he just cut his 2 bottom teeth after 3 months of rosy cheeked, feverish, drooling misery but when I looked into his mouth yesterday, I noticed that all 4 top teeth are working their way through.  Yikes!  The first one up top to break through the skin is the one on the right next to his front tooth.  What a hilarious smile this will be if the other top teeth don’t catch up!

Teething sucks.  There is really no other word for it.  It’s so hard on the babies.  They feel so crappy, are in so much pain, can’t eat, can’t sleep and the worst part; they don’t understand why.  I was up most of the night last night with my son looking up at me with his rosy red cheeks and baby blue eyes as if he wanted to say “What’s going on in my mouth?  Why do I feel so awful? HELP ME!”  It’s heartbreaking.  We enjoyed lots of middle of the night and early morning cuddles as I walked the house with him wrapped up in his favourite blanket and rocked him to sleep.  He ended up with a fever last night and wanted to nurse all night for comfort.  Poor little monkey.  He loves his Sophie le Giraffe but not as much as he likes boob.  Hubby just said tonight as he walked in to see me nursing him that pretty soon he is going to be walking in, standing a foot taller than me and looking down on me asking for “Boob.”  Little man knows what he wants.  It is quite hilarious to see him nursing with his legs tucked under my arm and stretched up behind me and over my shoulders.  He’s almost 7 months old and has been wearing size 12 months clothes for a while.  Big boy.  I love breastfeeding but man, would teething be easier if mama could have a drinky-poo once and a while!  Ah, well!

Miss 17 months had a horrible night’s sleep as well.  I listened to her moan and cry in her sleep through the baby monitor wishing there was something I could do.  Poor baby.  A few times I got up figuring she was awake but no, she was just moaning in discomfort in her sleep.   On the odd hour that Mr. 6 months was in his own room, in his own crib, I would wake to the sound of poor little Miss 17 months crying in pain.  I would turn to the monitor to see if she was awake but no, she was sound asleep but hurting.  I have two video monitor receivers on my night stand.  One for each baby.  I once worked in a casino and was always impressed by associates who worked in surveillance, the “eyes in the sky,” because it must be a grueling job.  Now as I listen and monitor two babies through video surveillance while half-awake, right from my bed, I’m thinking I would be pretty good at it!  Both of our babies sleep with Cloud B giraffes.  If you have never heard of them, they are these cute little plush giraffes that play “white noise” to lull other sounds to relax them and help them sleep.  You can check them out here:  I can hear both of their Cloud B giraffes through the video monitors each night.  They really are soothing.  I’m quite confident that if and when my kids ever outgrow them that I will have to sleep with them.  I’ve become very used to their peaceful sounds myself!  Anyway, Miss 17 months’ new teeth are so close to breaking through the gums.  You can see them so clearly.  They will (hopefully) pop through her gums any day now.  It’s bittersweet though.  I want her teeth to come in quickly so she won’t hurt anymore but at the same time she will no longer have a baby smile.  She will officially be a toddler.  Where does the time go?

Double teething.  Crazy.  Basically we have two little mouths that want to chew everything in sight.  We have two sets of sad eyes that don’t know what’s wrong and are looking up to us hoping we can make it better.  We have two red, sore bums from teething-related diaper rash and we have two sweet, little bodies that just want to be held and cuddled.  That last point is actually the best part of teething.  All of the cuddles.  Miss 17 months does not stay still very often.  Mr 6 months old is starting to become quite active himself.  Our days of cuddling and snuggling are far and few in between but today was one of them.  We had lots of cuddles.

I wish there was some sort of cure for teething.  I’ve tried homeopathic tablets, freezing gel, amber necklaces, amber bracelets.  They all help but none erase the symptoms entirely.  My Nana, mom and aunts are always talking about an old remedy of rubbing whiskey on baby’s gums to ease teething pain.  I think it’s a British thing.  (Not surprising, right?)  I don’t think I’m up for trying that one but might try a shot of whiskey myself to help with my own symptoms of dealing with teething symptoms.  They say that putting whiskey on baby’s gums doesn’t do any harm.  While I’m sure the amount of alcohol consumed by baby when doing this is extremely minimal, I’m not convinced that this little remedy isn’t the reason I’m horrible at math.  (Kidding!)  I digress…

This afternoon when Hubby came home from work, he came upstairs to find the three of us cuddled up in our bed in double-decker mode.  I was sitting up, leaned back against the headboard nursing Mr 6 months with the nursing pillow around my waist.  Miss 17 months was cuddled in between my legs with her head resting on the opposite side of the nursing pillow from her brother loving every moment of me playing with her hair.  Hubby wasn’t feeling well so he laid down with us, taking the other side of the nursing pillow to rest his head.  Family snuggle.  These are the moments that make the rest of the chaos and craziness worth it.  I wished I could have frozen time forever.  We all hung out cuddled in together and watched an episode of Barney on Netflix.  From up above, it probably looked like a Cirque du Soleil routine.

After a few minutes, I noticed the time and realized that I should be starting dinner.  Hubby said  “Why don’t you wait a bit?  This (kids staying still and cuddling at the same time) never happens.  Let’s just enjoy it!”  Good call.  The world can wait for now.

Family snuggle time, like most things (meals, family outings, grocery shopping trips, bath time), ended in chaos.  Once Mr. 6 months finished nursing, I sat him up and mistakenly had him within reach of Miss 17 months’ hair.  He has quick reflexes and is becoming incredibly coordinated.  With the agility of a cat, he quickly grabbed Miss 17 months’ ponytail, startling her which obviously caused her to react by pulling away.  She was screaming in pain and horror, twisting around trying to see what was happening and what I was going to do about it.  Baby Boy has an impressively strong grip for such tiny hands.  I literally had to pry his hand open finger by finger to free her.  She was crying hysterically holding her sore head but you could see in her eyes her feelings were hurt far more badly than her head.  Baby Boy was also crying holding his hand in the air, outraged that I would loosen his grip like that with his sister’s loose blonde hairs intertwining his fingers.  Ahh yes…back to normal and on with the show.  Our peaceful cuddles were fun while they lasted.  It’s amazing how much can change in a split second!

Here’s hoping for a better and more restful night tonight!  I’m hoping for lots of teeth cutting through gums quickly and painlessly so we can get back to “normal.”  So far, I have spent the majority of the evening with my little man literally attached to me.  Nursing seems to be the only way to comfort him.  After a few hours of him using me as a human pacifier, I’m tired and sore myself.  I tried to fool him as he got sleepy-eyed and offer him my pinky finger to suck on instead.  His eyes immediately shot open and he screamed in protest!  Like I said, the little guy knows what he wants.  There’s no fooling him.  Sigh.

Oh… and for the record,I still haven’t had a chance to make that pot of coffee I promised myself this morning.  I suppose it’s too late now.  Dammit.  I hate broken promises.  Especially ones made to myself.

Double teething.  Double trouble.  Double tired.  Blah.

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