BLW: Day 3 – Avocado Adventure!

We are on day 3 of a new (to us) solid food concept called “Baby-Led Weaning.”  If you haven’t heard of it there is a lot of great information here:  The basic idea is that food is meant to be explored,touched, smelled and tasted by baby in its natural form (not in a puree.)  The process is baby-led, rather than parent-led so baby picks up, grips, touches, squishes, smells and tastes food on his own rather than being spoon-fed by a parent.  We have been trying to introduce our son to solid food for almost 3 months now and have been unsuccessful in each attempt…until we started baby-led-weaning.  The little guy is just independent and wants to feed himself!  He has been making a mess, wearing huge smiles and eating lots of solids since we started this method of solid food introduction.  Each feeding of homemade purees ended in tears.  He was tight-lipped and uninterested in tasting anything he was offered on a spoon.

Since starting Baby Led Weaning, we have had great success with banana and sweet potato.  In fact, Baby Boy ate banana for breakfast and sweet potato for lunch today (in addition to lots of breastmilk, of course!)  We did not have success with peas.  Well, I shouldn’t say that.  He greatly enjoyed rolling them around his tray, squishing them flat and looking over the edge to see where they had fallen when they rolled off.  As a food, the peas didn’t work out but I have since learned that they are just too small for right now.  At just shy of 7 months old, he has not yet developed the ‘pincer grasp’ needed to articulate picking up tiny objects like peas.  Tonight at dinner time, I decided to offer something different: avocado.  Miss 17 months and I are big avocado eaters.  She will happily eat an entire cubed avocado in one sitting.  (I can think of worse things for her to be snacking on!)  I was excited to see how Baby Boy would feel about it.

I washed the avocado (skin on) thoroughly and cut it in half.  I removed the pit and offered the whole half of it to Mr. 6 months with the skin on.  Keeping the skin on prevented him from biting down with his two new bottom teeth and taking in a chunk to big for him to handle.

avocado 1

Mr. 6 months carefully examined his new food, passing it from hand to hand and feeling the texture.  Introducing the food through Baby Led Weaning allows for him to touch and feel the food rather than have it spooned into his mouth.  He seems to be enjoying touching the food just as much as he enjoys tasting it.  They do say that “Food before one is just for fun!” and did he ever have fun with this new food!  Here he is enjoying his first avocado.  His skin should also be silky and smooth from the avocado body mask he created in the process.  He went straight into the bath tub after this meal.  I think we’ll call day 3 of Baby Led Weaning a success!  The books I ordered on Baby Led Weaning should be arriving tomorrow!  I can’t wait to start reading them to learn more!

Stay tuned for more crazy adventures… you have to share the good with the crazy, right?

avocado 4

avocado 3

avocado 5

avocado 2

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