FACT: It’s Not Considered “Skinny Dipping” if You’re Wearing a Swim Diaper! Our Sunday Outing to the Pool!

Today was a family day!  Hurray!  It was Hubby’s first full day off in a month and we decided to celebrate it with bacon and eggs for breakfast, ridiculous amounts of play time and then I got the crazy idea to take the babes for a swim at the YMCA after their naps.  We were hoping to go tobagganing with our awesome new double baby sled we got for Christmas but the snow has melted into a less than enticing muddy mess… and Mr. 8 months old still doesn’t have a snowsuit to wear other than his big sister’s pink piglet one-piece snowsuit from last year.  I doubt I can get away with putting him in that while Hubby is around.  Note to self: buy this kid a snowsuit!  I never remember when I am at a store, only when we are going to play outside.  He does look pretty cute in the piglet suit though!

When Miss 19 months old got up from her nap, I excitedly got her up and told her that we were going to the pool for a swim.  She had no idea what I was saying and was pretty angry that I would begin stripping her down when I got her out of her crib instead of bringing her downstairs to feed her her usual snack before resuming play time.  I wiggled a swim diaper on to her flailing body and then suited her up in her new two-piece Dora the Explorer tankini.  She loved it.  It has a little ruffle around the waist that she held on to and happily ran around her room.  I asked her where her brother was and told her to go wake him up.  (He was already awake.  I’m crazy but not so crazy that I would actually intentionally wake up a sleeping baby.)  This is her new thing and it is hilarious.  She runs from her room to his door, pounds it open with both hands, runs over to his crib, peeks in and enthusiastically says “Hi!” and then she and Mr. 8 month old both squeal and giggle.  It’s adorable…and even more adorable when she does it in a 2 piece bathing suit.

Hubby came up to help me.  I had already gone through the moment of truth while squeezing myself into my bathing suit and then layering clothes over top.  Miss 18 months needed clothes over top of her bathing suit, Mr. 8 months needed a swim diaper and to be dressed and we needed to pack diapers, wipes, towels and underwear for ourselves to wear after the pool.  Hubby offered to change Mr. 8 months while I dressed Miss 19 months.  I heard a bunch of rustling from across the hall followed by Hubby shouting “Is there some kind of trick for getting him into this swim diaper?”  No, there is not.  You just have to wiggle it up chunky, kicking legs and hope for the best.  Then Hubby asked where he could find Mr. 8 months’ bathing suit.  Umm he doesn’t have one.  Poor kid.  He was too little to swim in the summer and being way less organized than I normally am, I forgot to buy him some to use in the winter before they were nowhere to be found in a store.  A few weeks after we had Miss 19 months, I was at a party with her and a friend gave me the tip to stock up on bathing suits in bigger sizes to use for winter swimming lessons when they are all put on clearance at the end of the summer.  She gave me the head’s up that  I would never find any once summer was over.  Great tip!  I stocked up on all kinds for a then 6 month old Miss 19 months.  I meant to do the same for Mr. 8 months but I forgot/got busy/haven’t been to a store other than the grocery store in forever.  Poor kid would have to go in just a swim diaper.  Hubby said “Should we stop at a store on the way and buy him a bathing suit?”  Nope.  It’s winter.  We will never find him one.  I try to convince Hubby that having Mr. 8 months wear a swim diaper is not the same as making him swim naked.  He’s not sold on this at all but continues to change and dress him.

So, I ran down and let Miss 19 months devour a snack and cup of milk (Let’s hope that the rule “No Swimming until an Hour After You Eat” is just an old wive’s tale) while I ran around throwing all the necessities into a bag and feed Mr. 8 months so he doesn’t force me to whip my boob out at the YMCA.  Our fellow swimmers are going to see enough by just having to witness me wearing a bathing suit.  Ick!    We’re basically good to go.  Wait… Hubby, make sure you change into your bathing suit before we go!  He tells me he’s just going to change into it when we get there.  Wrong answer.  There is going to be enough to do when we get there.  You will not have free hands!  He changes and we pack up the car, buckle kids in car seats and get ready to go.  As soon as we get in the car Hubby asks again, “Do you think we should stop somewhere and get Mr. 8 months a bathing suit?”  I promise him that I will look for a super manly bathing suit for him another time but if we are ever going to get to the pool we need to go now.  We are on a tight schedule between feedings and nap times.  If we get too confident and mess with our open window of time, it won’t end well.  We have two ticking time bombs on our hands after all.  He’s a baby.  He can wear a swim diaper.  They actually print them to look like bathing suits.  It will be fine.  I’ve gotten a little lax with baby #2.  I’m pretty sure Miss 19 months had a matching hooded towel, bathing suit, cover-up, flip flops and sunglasses for her first swim.  Poor Mr. 8 months is lucky to be wearing a swim diaper.  Life sure is busy and hectic…but awesome!  I will make a note to get him a bathing suit…and a snow suit.  Suits for all of the seasons!  Yes!

Off we went to the YMCA where we started the juggle of undressing while keeping our eyes on a 19 month old who doesn’t understand “Stay close!” and only selectively listens to “Come here please!”  The family change room had a playpen in it under the change table.  (Thank you YMCA!)  I put Miss 19 months in the play pen so I could take my outside clothes off.  She screamed at the top of her lungs and it echoed through the change room.  Apparently us starting to use a playpen at home for time outs has made an impression on her.  Not at home but here where we just need her to be confined to one spot for a minute.  Mr. 8 months was still in his infant carseat which he will be carried around in until he’s 18 years old because it’s so much easier to be able to plop him down and have him stay in one spot even if it does weigh nearly 1000 lbs.  I picked Miss 19 months up out of the play pen to undress her.  She immediately relaxed, enjoying her new freedom.  She smelled foul.  Of course she would poop in her swim diaper on the way here!  So much for trying to get ahead of the game by dressing her early.  I suppose this is better than her pooping in the pool.  So, off I wiggled her tiny bathing suit bottoms and changed her into a fresh swim diaper.  Then I wiggled her back into them while trying to keep her from flying off of the public change table.

After shoving all of our belongings into a locker, we hit the showers and headed for the pool.  I carried Miss 19 months and Hubby carried Mr. 8 months.  This was Mr. 8 months’ first swim and he clung to Hubby as we walked down into the pool.  He didn’t cry but was very unsure of what was happening.  Miss 19 months old loves the water and started kicking, splashing, squealing and saying “Hi!” to all the other kids immediately.  Mr. 8 months is a big fan of splashing in the bath tub so warmed up to the concept quickly and started splashing and kicking.  Both babies had a blast.  Mr. 8 months was all smiles the entire time, splashing and kicking his feet like a little frog.  Miss 19 months swam like a fish, sat on the edge of the pool and jumped into our arms, laughed everytime we dunked her head under water and enjoyed passing a yellow ball back and forth with a 17 month old little girl in the shallow end.  Hubby and I switched off, doing the risky double baby pass in the water so we could have equal time with each child.  We all had a blast!

While in the pool, I ended up running into a couple of girls that I went to elementary school with and hadn’t seen in over 10 years.  One of them mistakenly assumed Mr. 8 months was a girl, asking Hubby if he would want to have another baby to try for a boy this time.  He defensively responded “I’ve got my boy right here!”  She apologized.  We laughed and said that at that age when they have no hair and are just wearing a swim diaper, it’s hard to tell the difference.  Hubby took this as another reason we should have stopped somewhere to buy our son a very manly swimsuit on the way there.

Leaving the pool was quite the production.  All four of us were wet, slippery and exhausted.  We hit the showers then I quickly changed first so I could change the babies without getting their clothes wet from my wet bathing suit.  Hubby then handed Mr. 8 months to me bundled up in a hooded towel.  I held him on my hip as I dug through our bag to find his clothes.  Suddenly I felt a warm sensation on my hip.  I peeked under the towel to see that Hubby had taken our son’s swim diaper off already and he had just peed down my leg.  Good times.  I fastened him into the car seat while Hubby took Miss 19 months into the change room with him so she wouldn’t take off on me while I finished up.  While in the change room, Hubby collected a stray sock of Mr. 8 months that I must have dropped while pulling my clothes out in a mad dash to dress quickly.  He brought it over and added it to my pile of towels, dry diapers, wet swim diapers, etc.  We basically took over that change room temporarily.  After a few jellyfish-like collapses through my arms and to the ground in search of freedom, I got Miss 19 months dried and changed and we were off.

Both babies fell asleep on the way home.  While driving, Hubby, still bothered by Mr. 8 months lack of bathing suit and being mistaken for a girl, realized that Once Upon a Child would have bathing suits year-round so we made a quick stop there and I ran in and bought him 2 incredibly masculine pairs of swim trunks to use on future outings.  Hubby has never been happier with a $13 purchase!  In hindsight, I should have looked to see if they had a snowsuit but I forgot again!  Some day!

What a great family day!  As exhausting as it was, we can’t wait to do it again!

andbabymakes3imean4 is one mom’s adventures while tap dancing on the brink of insanity with 2 babies, 11 months apart.  If you liked this post, click “Subscribe” to be the first to know of future posts.  Thanks for reading! xo

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