Ringing in the New Year…The Panic, the Poop, the Pee and the Cheer! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

December 31, 2013.  Hubby is at work.  I am at home with the babies.  We are having a small house party to ring in the new year.  Our house is upside down and inside out.  Yikes!  We still have abandoned gift bags with tissue paper in them under our Christmas tree, toys everywhere, laundry everywhere, milk splatter everywhere and the ongoing infestation problem:  we are absolutely infested with stray Cheerios.  Since Miss 19 months perfected her pitching arm and love for flying food and Mr. 8 months started eating Cheerios, you would be amazed, astonished and disgusted (all at the same time) at the places I have found stray Cheerios.  Under crib mattresses, on the bathroom floor, in my sock, in the laundry, in my purse, on the floor of the car, the list of crazy locations is endless.  I am starting to feel a wee bit overwhelmed at the thought of having company over with the babies at home with us and being able to stay up until midnight!  (Do people actually voluntarily DO that?  Sounds atrocious.  Wow!  It’s been a while since I have had any sort of adult fun!)  I am on a mission to clean, clean, clean!  I’m basically looking to prevent having our friends come over and immediately say “Oh my Gosh! What happened?  Did someone break in?”  Umm no.  I’m just doing the best I can.

The babies were great to me!  They played well, were in great moods and allowed me to scrub bathrooms, wash floors and start prepping for making New Years’ food!  (Yes, I always make 100 times more food than we will ever need.  I scaled back this time or so I thought.  My freezer full of leftovers says otherwise but I really did!)  I started to panic when it was mid-afternoon, we had no beer (cause for emergency on any day but especially on New Year’s Eve!) oh…and we had no furniture in our downstairs family room…where we were hosting the party in hopes that it would be out of earshot of sleeping babies.  (To make a long story short, when we had 25 people over for dinner Christmas Eve, in order to allow the babies to continue to live in their own natural habitat, our living room, we moved our downstairs “Parent Den” furniture out to the garage and set up tables down there.  Normally we would add tables to extend our dining room table but we sacrificed our dining room to all of our rugrats’ toys and gadgets so setting up downstairs  just made more sense!)  The sound of the clock ticking was piercing through my skull.  I kept thinking “Maybe this was a bad idea!”  My parents had quickly offered to babysit the babes so Hubby and I could have a night out.  Reluctant to leave them and excited to host New Years’ with great friends, I declined and said the babies would be fine to just stay home with us.  I had second thoughts hours before but my parents has already made alternative plans to go to a party.  Yikes!  Hubby kept suggesting that I find a babysitter for the morning.  The morning?  Oh, because he anticipated not being in any shape or form to look after the babies so was hoping for alternative care.  That’s ridiculous.  Not happening.

I accomplished amazing things during naptime.  (Simultaneous Nap Time is a gift from God!)  I got my meatballs, cabbage rolls, pasta, pieorgies cooking, cut up a veggie tray, sauteed bacon and onions for pierogies, set up the bar, washed the living room floor so it could dry before the babies got up and were ready to play on it.  Things were going well.  It was a last minute cram.  I’ve always worked well under pressure.  I’m the “prep the presentation an hour before,study the night before the exam, write the term paper the day before” kind of girl and this procrastination-adrenalin rush came into play.  Mission accomplished.

However, when you have two babies, crazy interruptions happen and  happen constantly, so familiar tasks tend to take way longer than you think they will.  Hubby came home with a friend and two cases of beer.  Together (Hubby, friend and beer) managed to move the tables out of our downstairs family room, move our living room furniture in and accomplish a few other awesome tasks while we had some muscle in the building.  (I still can’t lift much post-gallbladder surgery so took full advantage, including the removal of a freshly stuffed sausage of dirty diapers from the diaper genie.)  At 7pm, I had finished cooking and feeding both babies, both babies needed bathing, story time, bedtime and I, more than anything in this world, needed a shower!  Company would be arriving anytime after 8pm.  It would be nice to at least be clean.  Hubby granted me my wish of an uninterrupted shower and then volunteered to bathe BOTH babies while I blow-dried my hair for the first time in a ridiculously long time.  Normally, I throw it up in a knot wet out of the shower to save time.  Blowdrying  in peace was quite the treat and energizing boost!  Hubby had just gotten Mr. 8 months out of the bath tub when I headed into our bedroom to blow dry my hair.

I noticed a saggy-bummed Miss 19 months run past me with the ipad in her hands (Don’t ask…it is now pretty much exclusively a Dora-playing device) and stopped her to change her diaper.  Hubby was putting Mr. 8 months in his pajamas and sleep sac and would then be bathing Miss 19 months.  It seemed like a waste of a diaper to put a new one on her when she was minutes away from the bath tub so I stripped her down and let her run around naked before her bath.  She loves being naked and happily ran up and down the hall running between her room and her baby brother’s room.  Hubby said he had everything under control so I went in our bedroom, shut the door and pretended I was 19 and blasted Britney as I dried my hair.  Mid-blowdry and lip sync, I turned off my hair dryer and felt like something wasn’t right.  I shouted to Hubby “Is everything okay?”  He said “Yes!  We’re good!” and said that he was just about to put Mr. 8 months to bed.  I asked if he had Miss 19 months with him.  “Yes!  She’s right here!  She’s fine!” he replied.  Something still seemed off.  I don’t know why.  I didn’t think I was even paying attention.  I thought Britney’s “Work” video was drowning out reality but there is something to be said for “Mama’s intuition.”  I put my hair dryer down and went to check on the situation.  As I turned out of our room and next door into Mr 8 months’ nursery where Hubby was diligently dressing Mr. 8 months, there was Miss 19 months, in the doorway, completely naked, eyes watering, grunting as she pooped right on the floor in her brother’s room.  A lovely surprise!  Now that’s one way to say goodbye to 2013!  As Hubby looked up from the change table, I acknowledged her with my eyes and Hubby and I both burst out laughing.  I have no idea how I knew something wasn’t right but I did.  And it wasn’t.  I quickly cleaned it up, kissed Mr. 8 months goodnight, told him I would see him “next year” and returned to our bedroom with Miss 19 months following me.

I continued to dry my hair, amazed at how frickin’ long it takes to actually blow dry hair and vowing to chop my hair off immediately as Miss 19 months grabbed makeup, brushes, jewellery off of my “getting ready station” as Hubby calls it.  Hubby was getting her tub ready and she was having a great time in the meantime and would giggle every time I turned the hair dryer toward her and allow the warm air to blow through her cute, blonde hair.  Hubby came in to collect her for her bath and slipped.  Yes, slipped.  He said “Why is the floor all wet?’  Without exchanging words, we both looked at our happy, carefree Miss 19 months.  To be sure, I knelt down to the floor and smelled the puddle.  I nodded my head to confirm our silent theory.  At some point in the 10 minutes or less that Miss 19 months had been in our room had peed on the floor, most likely as she was running around because it was everywhere.  Amazing.  This sort of blew my theory of “not wanting to waste a diaper” since she was headed to the tub soon.  Less than fifteen minutes diaperless/undiapered? (spell check seems to hate both of those words – I’m not sure how to say she didn’t have a diaper on) and she had pooped and peed on the floor.  Rather than potentially waste one diaper, I would now be cleaning up human poop and pee off the floor.  I would say this was not the right decision.  There’s frugal and then there’s stupid.  Ah well!  Coincidentally (or not), neither offense had occurred in Miss 19 months’ own room.  Well played, little girl.  I stopped drying my hair again to clean up her mess (again) while Hubby gave her a bath and we both put her to bed.

We ended up with enough time to finish getting ready before any company arrived.  Hubby offered to pour me a drink.  I’m still breastfeeding but decided that since I’ve been pregnant for the past TWO New Years’ Eves that I would be drinking tonight and Mr. 8 months would be bottling it…just like Mama!  He has been doing well with drinking from the bottle but still prefers boob.  I can’t blame him.  I don’t know many people who favour bottle over draft.  (Bam!)  Hubby offered me a Caesar.  He makes a great Caesar.  I tried a couple sips and it seemed weak.  When I asked him about it, he said he had made mine a virgin (no alcohol) out of habit!  Nothing screams “This mama needs a night out!” like Hubby making you a virgin drink on New Years’ Eve out of habit!  Hilarious.  The drinks got stronger and we had an amazing time with a group of phenomenal people.  It was such a fun night!

Miss 19 months managed to sleep through the entire night which went on until 4am (I managed to stay up that late just fine!) and Mr. 8 months was up twice before midnight to say hello and eat and then both babies slept in until 8:30 the next morning.  Insane!

I obviously woke up at least each hour panicking over the fact that Mr. 8 months hadn’t waken up and worried that something was wrong like I have done on each of the 5 or less times he has slept through the night in the past 8 months.  I’m pretty sure I get more sleep when he is up during the night than when he isn’t.

All in all it was a fantastic night.  It included anxiety, poop and pee but it also included a lot of love, laughter and fun!

Happy 2014!  Cheers to an incredible year!

andbabymakes3imean4 is one mom’s adventures while tap dancing on the brink of insanity with 2 babies, 11 months apart.  If you liked this post, please click follow/subscribe or follow my page on facebook to be the first to know of future posts.  Thanks for reading! xo

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