Sleepless Night? Blame it on the “Meat Muffins”

Last night I made the executive decision to have both babies skip swimming lessons. Miss M has had a horrible bout of the runs for the past 2 days. She has been eating the “BRAT” diet almost exclusively (bananas, rice, apples and toast) but the only beverage she likes is milk so she has had some dairy as well. I had no idea what was causing all of the diarrhea but out of fear, dumped the meatloaf I had made and fed her the day before.  It was the first time I had ever made meatloaf. I was still traumatized by its close resemblance to cat food and dreading meatloaf nights as a child. After some coaxing and encouragement from my sister who said she makes it all the time and it really is good, I decided to embrace the full mom role and make “mom favourites” that my kids will more than likely grow to hate as much as I did as a child.  It’s part of the gig, after all!  When I made the meat loaf, I couldn’t find a loaf pan (I don’t ever bake. I can destroy prepackaged brownies from a box.) so I used a muffin tin and made “meat cakes” or as Hubby called them, “meat muffins.” Gross. They turned out surprisingly delicious and Hubby and I both conquered our childhood fear of the loaf of meat. However, when your 20 month old daughter ends up with terrible tummy pain and diarrhea the next day, you start to question the meatloaf. I was so worried that she had food poisoning. I immediately threw the leftover “meat muffins” in the garbage just in case. Hubby assured me that it couldn’t have been the meatloaf and it must be a stomach bug since he, I and little Mr. C ate them as well and felt fine. I suppose I am just preconditioned to think meat loaf is bad news. Either way, she was so sick. She had the runs so bad that her little bum was totally raw with diaper rash. It was awful. When I got her up from her nap, she had suffered such an explosion that she needed a bath and her crib bedding needed to be stripped and changed.  Poor little girl.

Yesterday morning she seemed like she was feeling better. She was laughing and playing. She seemed more tired than usual but I suspected that with her tummy gurgling the way that it was, that she didn’t get a great night’s sleep. At around 3pm, she had another explosive diaper which led to tears because of how much it hurt when I cleaned her up. She has the worst diaper rash I’ve ever seen. I’ve been using warm wash cloths to wipe her and coconut oil and barrier cream to try to keep it dry and let it heal. She just wanted to be cuddled and had a low fever so we decided it was best that we didn’t go to swimming lessons. I’m pretty confident that none of us would be making any friends if she had one of those explosions in the pool. Barf.   We were sorry to miss swimming but as it turned out, we made the right decision because it didn’t stop. It just kept coming. It would have been a pooltime tragedy.  Yuck!  I tried everything to try to get her to drink fluids in fear of her getting dehydrated. This girl knows what she wants and what she wanted was milk. Not water, not apple juice, not fruit tea, not Pedialyte, not gingerale. Milk. So, weighing out what was worse; dehydration or dairy causing more diarrhea, I gave her milk and put her to bed.

She had a horrible time settling. We ended up setting up the ipad on a stool outside of her crib and played an episode of “Dora the Explorer” to try to get her to settle. Each time an episode would end, she would scream and when we opened her door, she would be standing up with her favourite blanket, “Bee” as she calls it, ready to be picked up. We kept checking her diaper and putting another episode on. The same thing would happen over and over again. At one point Hubby said “You do realize we’re teaching her to just scream and she can get what she wants!” This might be true. So I waited it out the next time. I didn’t wait long though because her cry wasn’t an “I want my way cry.” It was a cry to be comforted. She just wasn’t feeling well.

She didn’t settle all night. I would get her up and bring her into our bedroom and lie her between Hubby and me and she would settle down and stop crying but still wouldn’t sleep. When she started to get drowsy, I would move her back to her room. I was scared that Hubby would squish her. Plus the sound of his snoring was scaring her. He would fall asleep and she would look at me and say “Daddy Shhh!” holding her finger to her lips to tell me she knew he was sleeping. Then he would start snoring and she would get scared and start crying and we would start all over again. Then Hubby would push back or roll over and I would have to wake him up to tell him he was going to crush her. Half-awake, he would tell me he wasn’t crushing her and go back to sleep. Gotta love sleep-deprived squabbles.  So I would move her back to her bed once she got tired and over and over again she would refuse to settle and I would bring her back to our bed.  At one point, I thought about crawling into her crib with her just to get some sleep. At around 6am, she finally settled into her crib. I put on an episode of Dora and she didn’t dispute at all when I kissed her goodnight and left her room. I went to bed and finally fell asleep.

Hubby woke up and started getting ready for work an hour or so later. Shortly after he got up, Miss M was up screaming again. This time I was half-awake and asked Hubby if he could go pick her up this time and bring her into bed with me so I could cuddle her and get some sleep now that we had the bed to ourselves with no risk of snoring or squishing. He did and Miss M settled in beside me with her blanket and put her thumb in her mouth. She still looked really uncomfortable. It was now 7am. I wondered if I should be taking her to a doctor. She has barely slept and just seems uncomfortable. I wondered if it was more than just a tummy bug. Maybe it was food poisoning? Maybe she swallowed something she shouldn’t have without me noticing? I started to wonder if I should be taking her to the hospital for an Xray fearing that she had ingested something harmful. I decided to just let her rest while she was comfortable and see what happened later in the morning.  I needed a little sleep too if I was ever going to get up when Mr. C wakes up to start the day which should be within the hour.

Hubby left for work and at some point I fell asleep with Miss M cuddled into my arms. I woke up to the sound of the loudest, longest, biggest fart I had ever heard. It was so loud and so huge that if Hubby was home, I would have automatically assumed it was him and told him he was disgusting. I turned to look at Miss M. Her eyes were bugged out of her head, petrified of what had just happened. How could that much gas come out of one little girl? I rubbed her shoulder and told her it was okay. She looked at me and exclaimed an enthusiastic “Woah!” then giggled. As soon as her giggle faded, she was almost asleep. She was finally relaxed enough to sleep. I asked her if she was ready to go to bed. She gave a heavy-eyed nod and I carried her to her crib. She was asleep before I had even tucked her in.

8:16am. We are finally ready to sleep. Who would have thought that a fart could keep us up all night? When Hubby called to see how Miss M was doing, I told him about the fart. We both laughed at how much trouble some little girl gas had caused. Then Hubby replied “I still really wish you didn’t throw out those meat muffins!”


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