A White Sports Coat and a Morning of Frustration: Sizing the Little Man Up for his Big Day!

I’m not sure where March came from but it is here.  Mr. C’s baptism day is quickly approaching and the boy needs some new, white duds for the occasion!

I planned to order Mr. C’s baptism suit after settling the babies into bed last night… and then settling them into bed again because they both woke up an hour later screaming and fussing.  I’m pretty confident the crying was related to gas pains from too much broccoli at dinner time.  They both LOVE broccoli.  They were crying their little heads off for over an hour but after some double leg pumping and a short musical interlude of tooting and grunting, they both settled down and went back to sleep.

I started my online search and found Mr. C the perfect little old-fashioned, classic, white tuxedo.  I needed to get it ordered right away if I was ever going to receive it in time for his baptism.  Online shopping is a must for me.  Stores are difficult to maneuver with a double stroller and two separate eating/pooping/napping schedules to accommodate.  I order anything I possibly can online.  Plus, it always brightens up a bland day when a delivery arrives!  Receiving my own deliveries makes me feel less jealous when I see a florist’s delivery van cruise down our street, slowing to see my address and then continuing on to another house.  Lucky neighbours.  Sadly, I get the same excitement when I see a furniture delivery truck driving slowly down our street.  Part of me always wonders for a brief second if they are going to stop at my house even though I KNOW I did not order new furniture.  I think this can all be attributed to the fact that some days, the mail man and the newspaper carrier are the only adult humans I see.  They are proof that there is life outside of these 4 walls.

Anyway, I looked at the tuxedo sizing chart.  I had no idea what size to order him without measuring him.  I tried to find my soft measuring tape to size him up.  I couldn’t find it but found a hard, metal one for construction projects.  To further prove that I am losing my mind, I tiptoed up the stairs and into Mr. C’s nursery to try to get a quick measurement of his shoulders while he slept.  He was sleeping so peacefully.  I stretched the tape across his chest.  He stirred a bit.  I quickly realized how crazy I was to be doing this after JUST getting him settled to sleep for the night.  I also thought about how creepy it would be for him to wake up to me stretching something as weird as a metal tape measure over his body.  I decided it could wait until the morning.  Finally a good decision.  Yay me!

This morning after breakfast, I cleaned both babes up and set them free to play in their play room.  AKA our toy covered, tableless dining room.  I grabbed everything I needed.  The tape measure, a pen and some ribbon (so I could measure Mr. C with ribbon and then measure the ribbon length with the tape measure instead of holding a metal tape measure to his body.  Smart, right?  You can tell I managed to gulp down some caffeine this morning!)  I couldn’t find a piece of paper so did what I usually do for random lists and things and pulled one of those promotional magnetic, mini calendars from the fridge.  I write things like grocery lists and the last time I gave a baby medication on the back of the months.  Even though we’re in the month of March, the magnetic calendar on my fridge says we’re in June.  I returned to the play area just in time.  Mr. C is really suffering with separation anxiety and was crying hysterically because I had left the room for approximately 29 seconds.  I picked him up and put him in the exersaucer to hold him still.  I opened my laptop to the sizing chart and quickly jotted “Shoulders, Chest, Waist, Sleeve, Pant Leg” on my sheet so I could quickly reference what I needed to measure.  As I did this, Miss M picked up the metal tape measure and started pulling the tape out and giggling as it retracted.  I took it away from her and laid it out on our TV stand behind the baby fence so she couldn’t reach it.  As I did that, she grabbed my roll of ribbon and unravelled it as she ran around the living room.  Mr. C cried from the exersaucer.  My thoughts exactly, little man.    I took the roll of ribbon from her.  I put an episode of Barney on the television to keep Miss M occupied then reached into the kitchen, snipped off a piece of ribbon to use and left the roll on the other side of the gate, out of reach.

I grabbed my pen out of Miss M’s hand/mouth as I returned to Mr. C who was even more hysterical because I had left the room for 7 seconds.  I gave him a quick cuddle to calm him down then attempted to measure his shoulders.  This little 10 month old has to have Mama in his sight at all times.  So, imagine how challenging it is to try to get behind him to measure his back as he is in the Exersaucer, a device that allows him to spin around at his will.  Wow.  I finally took a quick measurement.  9 inches.  Before I wrote it down, I opened my laptop and referred to the size chart.  It said that size 6 months was 11 inches.  Okay.  I obviously didn’t measure that correctly.  I quickly searched for a YouTube tutorial on how to measure shoulders for a suit.  As it started playing, Miss M ran over to the screen like a moth to a flame.  She quickly pressed the power button on my laptop and powered it down.  (Why do they always make power buttons light up?  It’s too tempting for a toddler!  WHY?)  I fired it back up, played the video and 20 seconds later I was an expert on how to correctly measure.  As Mr. C spun around in his seat, trying to see me then trying to see what I was doing, I got a rough idea of his correct shoulder measurement.  I wrote it down with my pen and paper that were safely stored behind the baby fence that surrounds our TV.  As I was leaned over writing, I heard a “ping! ping! ping!” sound and turned to see Miss M flicking the keys off of my laptop keyboard.   One by one they fell to the floor.  I ran over and closed the laptop then pried the keys from her grip before she ate them.  I put them back behind the baby fence to deal with later.

I managed to get the rest of little Mr. C’s measurements.  He cried and protested the entire time because he had no idea what I was doing as I pulled his leg straight to measure his pant length and wrapped a ribbon around his waist.  Miss M left us to our project.  She was really busy since discovering that if she pushed the soft lid of her sippy cup in, it will expand the air valve and the milk will pour out.  She ran in circles around us giggling as milk splattered all over the floor.  I finished Mr. C’s measurements as she climbed on the back of the couch.  This is her new favourite game.  She climbs on the back of the couch.  I count to 3.  When I get to 2, she throws herself on her bum and sits still and proper for approximately 5 seconds before she does it again.  Two weeks ago, I set the playpen up again to use as a timeout area but lately she likes being in there.  She likes it so much that she has figured out how to climb inside it by herself and now willingly sits inside of it.  That backfired quickly.  After a few episodes of “Please sit down on your bum….1…2….” she was over it and onto something new.  She ran over and started playing with her toys.  What a novel idea!  I grabbed a wipe and cleaned up the milk splatter path as I returned to my newly measured Mr. C.

Where did I put his list of measurements? Wait… what does he have in his mouth and mushed up in his fist?  You have got to be kidding me.

10am.  T minus 10 hours until bedtime.  Yikes.

andbabymakes3imean4 is one mom’s adventures while tap dancing on the brink of insanity with 2 babies, 11 months apart.  If you enjoyed this post, please subscribe to my blog or like my page on facebook to be the first to know of future posts.  Thanks for reading! xo


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