One Mama, Two Babies: Workin’ on our Fitness

Today was beautiful, sunny and the second day of spring. As the little one enjoyed their green smoothies, I charged my ipod, located my earphones and got dressed, wearing 3 (yes 3!) bras… when you are chesty to begin with and then breastfeed 2 babies in one year, you will understand the need. The sky was bright, the sidewalks were clear… today we were going to start running.  Mama’s doing a 5k race this year no matter what!

After googling our awesome double stroller last night, I discovered that it is a jogging stroller.  Excellent.  What is the most shocking about this discovery is that I’m pretty sure I already knew this when we purchased it but last summer Mr. C was a newborn so it wasn’t safe to jog with him on board and then…. I forgot.  This is not surprising since just this morning I handed 22 month old Miss M her sippy cup of milk and was shocked to see it leak all over the  place wondering what had happened, seconds after wondering how I ended up with an extra valve (that prevents leaking) sitting on the stove.  I forgot to put it in…duh.  And yesterday, I brewed coffee without putting water in the coffee maker.  And the day before I boiled the kettle to make 11 month old Mr. C  a bottle but… when I flipped the switch on the  kettle to get it to boil, I neglected to realize that it was not on the electric base that would make it boil.  And the day before that, I took a hot casserole dish out of the oven, took my oven mitts off and used my bare hands to life the piping hot lid off.  Ugh.  Reasons number 996, 997, 998 and 999 as to why I am going to get fired from my job within a month of returning.  Mommy brain/baby brain is REAL.  My brain doesn’t work anymore.  It’s scary.  But in the case of discovering that a stroller I bought because it doubled as a jogging stroller was, in fact,  a jogging stroller, my terrible memory and mediocre brain activity worked to my advantage and surprised me (in a good way!)

We finished up breakfast and I loaded the stroller, the diaper bag, a sippy cup for each babe, a water bottle for me and my ipod/earphones into the car before putting socks, shoes, coats and hats on both babes and loading them into their car seats.  Who needs a pre-workout warm-up when you do all of this just to get started?  I got in the car and cranked the tunes.  “Wheels on the Bus” came on right away.  There is nothing like music like this to make you feel like you are losing your mind.  Try turning left at a busy intersection with “Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes” repeating at an unheard of pace.  I would dare you except that it wouldn’t be safe.  Just mute it, make your turn and then carry on with “Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose.”

As I climbed into the driver’s seat, the leather interior was freakishly colder than normal.  I looked down to see a hole along the seam of the inner thigh of my yoga pants.  I was instantly outraged as I knew I had bought these pants less than a year ago.  I bought them at Costco; one of two places I tend to buy clothes, there and Zehrs.  The two places I predominantly buy my groceries.  Coincidence?  I think not.  I was mad about these yoga pants lasting less than a year until I recalled the last year and remembered that I had worn them a minimum of 3 times/week.  Considering I paid $15 for them almost a year ago, I think it’s safe to say I’ve got my money’s worth.  It’s also funny to think that my wardrobe consists of mainly yoga pants and yet I have not done yoga in over 3 years.  Ironic.  Needless to say, after strapping two babies into their carseats and loading their luggage, I wasn’t about to unload them in order to go change so off we went, crotch hole and all.

Today we were ambitiously hitting the track!  I started using the C25K app by Bluefin Apps under the recommendation of an experienced running friend.  It stands for “Couch to 5k” meaning you can be totally inactive and this app will guide you through training for running a 5K race.  I had to stop because of medical issues last year.  It was disappointing but I’m alive and without a gallbladder now, and ready to tackle it.

I pulled in to the parking lot of our city’s running track and parked my mom-mobile near a stroller-accessible ramp to the track.  It was pretty brisk and cold but sunny outside and the track wasn’t busy.  I opened my trunk,  pulled out the stroller, secured the wheels to a stationary, jogging-friendly position then unloaded both babies and buckled them into their stroller seats.  Miss M immediately started shrieking “Bee! Bee!” which is her word for blanket.  She is extremely attached to only ONE of her 8 crocheted blankets.  I’m glad I had brought it and tucked it around her.  I brought it even though it smelled like pee when I got her up this morning and she automatically grabbed it to ensure it was lifted out of the crib with her.  That’s right! “Bee” smells like pee.  I just washed it 2 days ago.  I have no idea what she does to that blanket to get it so dirty and so stinky so fast but I have to basically put on a one-man theatre show in order to distract her as I steal it and throw it in the washing machine before it becomes a biohazard.

We bundled up and headed for the track.  As we reached the track, I adjusted the visors on the stroller so the sun wouldn’t be in the babies’ eyes.  A man walking the track stopped and asked “Do you have twins?”  As if I was a record on repeat, I replied “No, they aren’t twins.  They are 11 months apart!” to which he responded “How many laps do you plan on doing?” I’m sorry, what? I thought.  “I don’t know!  As many as they can handle!” I jokingly replied.  “You mean as many as YOU can handle!” he shot back.  What the… While this might be true, isn’t one of the perks of having kids the fact that you can blame them for what you can’t/don’t want to do.  For example, “I so wish I could run another 10k but the babies are tired.”  “I so wish I could listen to you, random stranger, talk about your parenting philosphies, but someone just pooped.”  I don’t even know what to say to you, track buddy, so I will just smile and pretend you didn’t speak as I put my earphones in and press PLAY.

Off we went.  Day 1 of C25K training.  First time ever while pushing a stroller.  It went really well.  I actually enjoyed pushing the stroller.  I’m a beginner at running and in some weird way, appreciated having the stroller to push as I ran  because it forced me to support my upper body more than I normally would.  Mr. C started to fuss and turn his head to look up to me as we went through a period of walking.  I comforted him by saying “Hi Buddy!  You’re doing great!” coincidentally as we passed a guy who was walking the track.  He turned, awkwardly, thinking I was talking to him.  When he saw me with the double stroller of munchkins, a look of relief waved over him.  It’s amazing how a stroller with two babies and earphones playing loud music can make you tune out the rest of the world.  That was an awkward tune-in with reality.  But, shoutout to the guy walking the track today: Hey Buddy!  You really ARE doing great!  (When did it become weird to greet and compliment each other?  Humans are so strange.)

Halfway through the workout, I felt tightness in my chest like I couldn’t breathe.  I tried to brush it off and continue but at one point felt burning and a blood-like taste when I coughed.  I suffered from sports-induced asthma as a child and worried it was coming back.  On top of that I was out of shape.  When I couldn’t catch my breath and started to get a bit dizzy, I decided that was enough for today.  As I pushed the stroller back to the car, Mr. C started crying.  He too, had had enough.  I took my earphones out.  As I did, I dropped them and the cord got tangled around the wheel of the stroller as it rolled.  Ugh.  I stopped to untangle it as I struggled to catch my breath and looked around the park.  No one was around.  I still felt dizzy and a heaviness in my chest.  Because it was cold, my water bottle was too, so drinking some water didn’t help.  I leaned against the car for a minute to regroup.  The dizziness faded and I loaded both babies and then the stroller into the car.  I then got in the car, still feeling unwell and wondered who to call.  The advantage to going to the track mid-morning is that no one else is there.  The disadvantage is that everyone is working when you need help.  Hubby was out of town on business and anyone else I could think of in-town was unavailable.

After a few minutes, I decided I was okay to drive but being paranoid, decided to stop by my parents’ house on the way home just in case something happened.  My biggest fear is having a medical emergency while alone with two babies.  I suffered quite a few major gallbladder attacks while home alone caring for two babies and it was awful.  I decided that being there was better than being home alone with the babes until I knew I was okay.  I always prepare for the worst so was cautious about having a heart attack. While I did have scarlet cheeks, burning lungs and some dizziness, I was fine.  We visited for an hour, just long enough for the kids to trash my mom’s kitchen while they ate lunch instead of mine and then we headed home.  That worked out well!

I suppose I just needed to clear the cobwebs out of my lungs.  The air was a little too cold for me today.  Aside from my respiratory issues, my body feels great from having a short jaunt.  I was thinking about going back to finish the workout this afternoon but stopped myself.  While it was fun and while I want to fast-forward to a more fit “me,” I need to take it a step at a time.  We substituted returning to the track with taking Mr. C out for a walk around the neighbourhood in the single stroller while Miss M walked.  Mr. C waved to every person he saw while Miss M enjoyed watching her shadow in the pavement as she walked beside me, holding my hand.  Kids truly do make you appreciate the simple things you would otherwise take for granted.

I’m looking forward to finishing up our week 1, day 1 workout soon!

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