Summertime… and the Livin’ is Easy… (Because Dinner Messes can be Cleaned up with a Hose!)

What a beautiful weekend! Warm days filled with sunshine and blue skies meant for lots of outdoor play! I spent a ridiculous amount of time raking up all of the leaves we had neglected to clean up in the fall while 11 month old Mr. C had his first ride in the baby swing and 22 month old Miss M ran around in her rain boots chasing after a ball, kicking the leaves and trying to escape from our fenceless yard. (Project for Summer 2014: Fence this yard in!) Over the past week, Miss M and I have had many debates over her rain boots. Every time I ask her if she wants to wear her boots, she looks at me like I’m crazy and sternly says “Shoes!” as she pulls the boots from my hands. We go back and forth “Boots! Shoes! Boots! Shoes! Boots! Shoes!” She does not understand why I am calling her rain boots, “Boots.” To her, “Boots” is a monkey, Dora the Explorer’s number 1 sidekick. Thanks for that one, Nickelodeon!

With Hubby’s help, we managed to clean up and baby proof the yard as well as set up our patio furniture and all of the kids’ outdoor play equipment. The babes enjoyed digging and flinging sand at the sand table and Miss M booted all over the yard pushing her bubble mower. At one point, Mr. C caught up to her and climbed on to the mower. Miss M stomped around the mower with the dirtiest look on her face, whining “Coleyyy!” as she pushed him off of it and carried on with her mowing.  When she stopped to play on the slide, chase a ball, returned to the sand table, I would turn off the neglected bubble mower to save the batteries and get a break from the annoying purring sound of its “engine.”  Miss M would notice the absence of noise right away and would run over to turn it back on then walk away to continue what she was doing.

We decided to barbeque for dinner and eat outside for the first time this year.  I washed the patio table and dragged the high chair and booster seat outside while Hubby attempted to keep a curious almost one-year old and almost two-year old away from the hot barbeque. Out of the whole yard, they both wanted to be right in front  of the barbeque. Hubby distracted the babes from the grill by encouraging them to play at the sand table.  An hour earlier, we had made the executive decision to empty the water from the side that holds water after Miss M used each pail and shovel to pour the sandy water into her mouth and drink it. Disgusting. By the time dinner was ready, Mr. C was covered from head to toe in sand. A benefit to nice weather and playing outside is that I could strip him down on the patio and shake out his clothes before putting clean clothes on (for him to cover with food while eating dinner…better than mixing sand in with his meal though!) I wiped the goatee of sand from his chin and sat him in the highchair while Hubby strapped Miss M into her booster seat. She is just starting to eat while sitting at a booster at the table. (Up until 2 days ago, she would eat at booster seat with an attached tray.) Eating outside could make this a bit easier in terms of cleaning up messes. Both kids were so excited to be eating in the backyard and spent most of the meal looking up at the sky and following the sounds of birds tweeting in the trees above us. Miss M excitedly threw her plate on the ground three times during dinner. To my amazement, Hubby instantly got up and grabbed the broom and swept up her fallen food off the patio each time. Funny how that works. I can scrub the kitchen floor on my hands and knees and watch as he is completely unaffected by the spills and thrown food that happen before the floor even dries. But, he spends 3 minutes sweeping the patio before dinner and suddenly the overspray from dinner a mess that needs to be attended to immediately. Hmm.

Being extremely fair-skinned and resistant to any hat I have managed to wrestle on to his head, Mr. C was at risk of getting sunburned as the sun peeked out from behind a cloud and shone down on the back of his head. Hubby retrieved the patio umbrella from the shed and set it up in the middle of the table mid-meal to shade him. Mr. C was terrified of this giant, unknown thing opening up above him.  He started shaking and crying in fear, his eyes darting between Hubby and me looking for reassurance.  I calmed him down as Hubby bent the umbrella to block the sun from our little man’s blonde-haired head.  Miss M thought it was the greatest thing ever and reached across the table, grabbed the umbrella stand and started spinning it around in circles.  She giggled and giggled and only giggling louder when she saw how much the spinning umbrella was terrifying her baby brother.

When we finished dinner, I brought the dishes inside before they were thrown everywhere and started a bath for our two sandy, greasy, saucy, filthy babies.  I walked out the back door playfully saying “Mommy has a nice warm bubble bath for one dirty, stinky girl and one dirty, stinky boy!”  Mr. C giggled in his seat and clapped saying “Bah!” for “bath.”  Miss M giggled and reached forward for the umbrella.  Since we were standing behind her when she leaned forward, both Hubby and I immediately noticed the diarrhea escaping from her diaper and oozing up her back.  (She is on antibiotics for a throat and ear infection.  She is feeling better but is now getting diarrhea from the antibiotics.)  Hubby laughed as he quickly unbuckled Mr. C saying “I think Mommy gets the dirty, stinky girl!  She’s all yours!  I will take the stinky boy!”  Well played.  Since we were outside, I was able to strip her down and clean her up without taking that mess into the house.  When I picked her up to bring her inside for her bath, she squealed and kicked in protest.  She is trying really hard to talk and was babbling something foreign to us.  She was frustrated that we didn’t understand what she was saying.  I put her little, naked body down on the ground, figuring she wanted to walk inside by herself.  As soon as her feet hit the ground, she took off and ran across the yard completely naked and free.  She giggled with joy and ran for the slide.  Hubby and I watched and laughed.  Seeing life through the eyes of a child is a truly heartwarming thing.  She climbed up her Little Tikes slide and paused at the top, still totally naked.  A look of uncertainty waved over her face.  “C’mon!  One slide and then we will have a bath!” I called to her.  She still paused, scowling at us.  “Let’s go!  One time down the slide!” Hubby shouted as she stood still at the top.  Then she looked up and uttered “Woah!”  We quickly realized why she had paused.  A stream of pee trickled down her leg and down the slide.  She looked up with a big smile on her face and shouted “Poopy!”  “No Honey!  That’s pee!” Hubby and I corrected her in unison over our laughter.  She is still learning the difference between poo and pee.  Peeing down the slide.  That’s a new one!  Our days are always full of surprises!

The grand finale to dinner outside was Miss M proceeding to slide down the pee-covered slide with her naked bum sticking to the plastic the whole way. Thud-thud-thud-thud-thud!  That couldn’t have felt good.  What a kid!  She ran back to us and proudly walked inside the house, up the stairs and climbed into the tub herself.  Once the babes were bathed, in pajamas, read their bedtime stories, served their bedtime milk and were tucked into bed, the rest of dinner clean up was a breeze.  I hosed down the high chair, the booster seat, the table the dirty baby clothes and the poor, peed-on slide.  Life is just better with summer weather.


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One thought on “Summertime… and the Livin’ is Easy… (Because Dinner Messes can be Cleaned up with a Hose!)

  1. zkmommy says:

    Our son loves roaming around our backyard with our pup, Lexi. I love watching him wander around and discover new things. The wonder in their eyes just makes my heart melt. My little girl is almost one and she loves crawling all over the trampoline and looking through to see the grass. Warm weather definitely makes for an easier time entertaining children. Loved reading your story, I can tell you have a fantastic family. (And loved the song reference in the title, too.)


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