Online Toiletry Shopping: If It Makes Bath Time, Bed Time and Life Just a Tiny Bit Easier… I’ll Try It!

As we finished dinner I realized that I had forgotten to go out and buy more baby wash AGAIN! We have been out of it for almost a week.  I’ve been to the grocery store at least a million times, TarJay 3 times and the drug store once and every single time I forget to buy baby wash.  After pouring water into the bottom of the empty bottle to get the last of the suds, emptying our small bottle from our swimming lessons bag and using up all of our samples, I was totally out. We had to run out and get some more before bath time. I ran upstairs and grabbed my purse and a pair of socks then took one look at my disgustingly filthy kids and decided we were not going anywhere. We had spaghetti & meatballs for dinner and yogurt for dessert. They were both covered head to toe… literally. Since Miss M has started to eat dinner sitting at the table on a booster seat, she has no tray stopping her from sneaking her feet on to the table and into her food. She also has an obsession with putting everything on her head which includes yogurt cups, plates, etc. I would have to clean them up and change their clothes just to go out the door. Extra laundry just for the sake of baby wash?. N’uh-uh.  Not happening.

As they finished rubbing spaghetti and yogurt all over their bodies, a lightbulb went off in my head and I grabbed my laptop and credit card and logged in to While I am not much of a Walmart fan, a few moms in my Mommy Network had talked about the convenience of ordering your cleaning products and general household items online from Walmart. They are apparently extremely quick, have free shipping, require no minimum order and it saves you having to load babies into carseats then out of carseats then into carseats then out of carseats to go to the store.  Since Mother Nature is completely off her rocker these days with snow blowing around outside two days after I got sunburned while raking the leaves we neglected in the fall, it was a good opportunity to stay in and try this out.  Success!  Free shipping.  No minimum order required…and our baby wash was on sale!

I LOVE Live Clean Baby Wash.  It’s eco-friendly, organic, sulphate-free, paraben-free, hypoallergenic and Canadian, eh!  What more could you want?  I hope my order arrives before bath time tomorrow.  If it does, I will definitely be trying this again.  A bunch of Moms in my my mom group say they order all of their cleaning supplies, dry grocery items, toilet paper, toiletry items, etc. from the Walmart website and it arrives in a box on their door step.  Talk about convenience!  They also tell me that it arrives via regular post which was good news to me.  I tried this “free shipping” thing from Walmart when they first started it last year when we purchased Miss M’s bigger girl car seat.  It didn’t go very well.  I figured it would be incredibly convenient to have it delivered since I knew the box would be huge, I was hugely pregnant and would have a baby in my cart.  If I was home when the order arrived, it would have been awesome… but I wasn’t…and it required a signature.  So, since it was delivered by courier, I had to drive up to the courier’s depot which was approximately 3x the distance of driving to our local Walmart store.  So, here’s hoping this is a better experience.  Since I have no life, I am extremely excited about it and keep checking my email to see if it has shipped yet.  Wow!  I can’t believe I just admitted to that. Meh!  I also watch for the mail man to come each day even though I’m not expecting anything except bills.  It’s adult contact and a connection with the outside world.

Once my order was placed, I stripped the babes down in the kitchen and tossed their spaghetti-covered clothes in my kitchen hamper.  (Classy, I know!)  Miss M headed for the stairs with a trail of spaghetti stuck to her foot that dropped off a little at a time on each stair.  I got the babes in the bath tub and scraped together the last of the last of the sample baby washes I had left in the house and supplemented it with some coconut oil.  Coconut oil is a beautiful thing.  What can’t you use coconut oil for?  I use it for cooking, moisturizer, diaper rash, wood polish, seasoning cast iron skillets, etc.  I could go on and on.  The babes were pretty rowdy in the tub tonight.  11 month old Mr. C is fascinated by his newly perfected ability to pull himself up on his feet.  He did just that while leaning over to drum his hands on the stainless steel garbage can while Miss M chomped her teeth into my bath pouf hanging from the tap and then pulled it, destroying it.  Why would you?  We’ll never know.  After scrubbing the orange tint from tomato sauce off of each of them, I poured water to rinse their hair.  They both slid side by side trying to push past each other to get to the tap.  It was like a pig race.  Two shiny, little bums squeaking along the sides of the tub.  After I brushed their teeth (I always brush them in the tub so they can’t run and there is less restraining required), I lifted Miss M out and covered her in a hooded towel.  She giggled as I towel dried her hair and then sat on her potty to ‘practice.’  As I cleaned up the bath toys while Mr. C splashed in the last of the bath water before it went down the drain, Miss M shouted “Bye!” from behind me.  I turned around to see her pushing her potty out of the bathroom, down the hall and into Mr. C’s room.  What a kid.  I scooped Mr. C out of the tub and wrapped him in a towel.  We went into his room to find Miss M so I could diaper her before a disaster happened.

While I got Mr. C’s pajamas out of his drawer, he and Miss M fought over parts of the potty they had disassembled on the floor of his room.  Gross.  I reminded myself that she hasn’t actually used it yet so it can’t be that germy but still…so gross.  I turned and took the potty away as they both screamed in protest.  Miss M reached up and chased me down the hall trying to grab it before I threw it back in the bathroom and closed the door while Mr. C sat on the floor screaming with his fists and jaw tightly clenched.  I wrestled him into his pajamas and asked Miss M to go get a book.  She returned with a pile of books and dumped them all over the floor then came over to my side and busily unsnapped the snaps on Mr. C’s sleeper as quickly as I snapped them.  She is currently obsessed with snaps and zippers.  I ran downstairs to make Mr. C a bottle and pour Miss M a sippy cup of milk.  As I poured her milk, I heard a thud then a squeal then a giggle.  I squinted my eyes and held my breath waiting for crying.  No crying.  Wait!  Is that good or bad?  I bolted up the stairs to find Miss M riding a crawling Mr. C like a pony, giggling with glee as he struggled to support her.  He is only 11 months old and she is 22 months old and not exactly little.  He is one tough little guy.  I’m not sure if he is tough by nature or because he is just adapting for survival.  He had a smile on his face and didn’t seem to mind her sitting on his back as he struggled to move.  While I couldn’t believe my eyes, I couldn’t help but laugh.

photo 2 (8)

I rocked Mr. C and he drank his bottle while Miss M continued to unsnap the snaps on his sleeper.  She got annoyed with his bottle being in the way of the snaps at the top of his sleeper and plucked the nipple out of his mouth so she could reach them.  He squealed as I picked her up and put her on the floor then returned his bottle and snapped him up again.  I put him to bed and told Miss M to say goodnight.  She blew kisses and yelled an enthusiastic “Bye!” as she pulled herself up on the outside wall of his crib.  We left his room and went across the hall to her room.  I opened her drawer to get her pajamas out and heard the “thud thud thud” of her running behind me followed by the “WHAM!’ of her barrelling Mr. C’s bedroom door open, flinging it into the wall.  I called for her to come back out and said goodnight to him again as I pulled his door shut.  He cried and cried as I wrestled her into her pajamas on the floor.  When I looked up to snap up the top button, I noticed Mr. C’s bottle laying on its side under her rocking chair.  The little devil had run in his room and stolen his bottle out of his crib.  No wonder he was crying!  I returned the bottle to Mr. C,  laid him back down and kissed him goodnight again.  This time I made sure his door was pulled tight so Miss M wouldn’t be able to force it open.  I ran downstairs to grab “Bee” her favourite, must-have blanket from the kitchen.  I could hear her pounding on Mr. C’s door upstairs.  Poor little guy.  I went upstairs to see that she was not pounding on his door.  She was trying to kick the door down.  I told her to “Shhh!” and that her brother was sleeping.  She mimicked me, holding her finger to her lips and saying “Shhh Kwy!” for “Quiet” as she tiptoed back to her room.

photo 4 (5)

We sat in her chair, wrapped up in “Bee” and read a book.  As I read to her, she unsnapped the top button of her pajamas and said “uh-oh” over and over again, refusing to let me continue reading until I had snapped it back up.  I began to wonder if there was really a point to finishing this story since I was the only one paying it any sort of attention.  I continued anyway, stopping after each sentence to snap up a button as she said “uh-oh! uh-oh! uh-oh!”  I finished the story, put her to bed and kissed her goodnight.  I snapped up her pajamas one last time.

As I pulled her door shut as she said “uh-oh! uh-oh!” again.  As the door shut she started shouting “Uh-oh!  UH-OH!” as if I wasn’t coming in to snap her up again because I couldn’t hear her.

She will settle down and go to sleep.  In the meantime, I will be checking to see if my Walmart order shipped yet.  If this package arrives by tomorrow I will be incredibly impressed.  The only way this service could be better would be if Walmart also shipped margaritas for free…or shipped someone to come and clean up the mountains of dried up spaghetti and smears of yogurt that I am currently pretending are not all over my kitchen floor.


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