Checking “Baby Savings Accounts” off the To-Do List: Great Interest Rate, Not So Great Maternal Instincts

My maternity leave is up in just a couple of weeks and I have a long list of tasks to complete before I go back. They are mainly things that need to be done during business hours such as renew my health card or things that I won’t have as much time to do once I am a working mama such as open savings accounts for both babies. I decided that today would be bank account day. I tried to open bank accounts for the kids a few months ago but when the bank teller asked me for their social insurance numbers, I hadn’t even thought to bring them with me…and then as always, time escaped me. And when time didn’t escape me and I thought to get their birth certificates and social insurance numbers together, I realized that I had misplaced Miss M’s SIN card. ‘Safeplaced’ is actually a better term than misplaced.  It’s not like I have taken it somewhere and lost it.  I’ve had it in the exact same spot since receiving it in the mail shortly after she was born.  We have done some organizing and disorganizing and reorganizing and I’m sure Hubby and I had decided on a better place for it but I was pregnant on top of having baby brain and then had another baby so then had double baby brain.  And Hubby, I can call him right now as he is leaving work and ask him to pick up milk on the way home and guarantee that he will walk in empty-handed.  He forgets everything.  His memory is virtually non-existent.  In his defense, being an entrepreneur, he always has a lot on his mind and is constantly juggling a lot of balls all at once.  The “we’re out of milk” ball tends to get dropped which leaves little hope for an answer to “Do you know where Miss M’s SIN card is?”   So, while I’m sure it will turn up some day soon, I decided to replace it so we could open savings accounts today.

Both babes have been suffering from awful colds.  Green boogers, puffy, watery eyes, coughs and Miss M has had a low fever to top it off.  She is getting her 2 year molars and has had many sleepless nights as they work their way through.  As they finished their breakfast, they looked like they weren’t in any shape to go out but the clock was ticking and I figured some fresh air would do them both some good.  I cleaned up both of their snotty noses, changed both of their diapers and got them dressed.  I packed a diaper bag and ran it out to the car.   When I came back in, 22 month old Miss M had unzipped her hoodie and was holding on to each side whining “Ungh…ungh” wanting me to zip it back up.  She has recently discovered snaps and zippers.  She loves unsnapping and unzipping but can’t do them back up.  I zipped her up and then grabbed 11 month old Mr. C as he crawled past and pinned him down so I could put his socks and shoes on.  He kicked and flailed like a fish out of water until I finished and let him go.  I turned to put Miss M’s shoes on to see that she had undone the zipper on her hoodie again.  I zipped it back up and put her shoes on.  I quickly put her coat on over top so she couldn’t undo it again.  I looked at her face to see her hair stuck to the side of her face with dried up snot.  With a baby wipe, I wiped her face then ran upstairs to grab a hair elastic to keep her hair out of her face.  When I ran back down, I grabbed Mr. C then realized I had the wrong kid before putting a ponytail in his hair.  I tied Miss M’s hair back and turned to see Mr. C had pulled his shoes off.  I put them back on then realized I had no socks on myself.  I scanned the closet.  No flip flops.  The weather is finally nice enough for flip flops but mine are still downstairs in the basement.  Note to self: bring them up later.  I ran upstairs to grab a pair of socks.  When I came back down to the living room, both babes were huddled around my laptop that I had left open on the couch after looking up the government office I needed to go to in order to make sure they were open.  Miss M had pulled the letter D key off my keyboard.  It is getting more and more challenging to type with all of the keys that have been plucked off by these babies.  I grabbed it from her hand and put it on the shelf next to all four arrow keys and the comma key that need to be reinstalled someday.  I returned to grab the babies and smelled poop.  After smelling both babies’ bums, I determined that Miss M was the culprit.  We’re working on pre-toilet training potty awareness so I asked her if she had pooped.  She scowled at me as if offended by the accusation and shook her head “No!”  I cleaned her up and we were off and out the door.

We received a printout of Miss M’s social insurance number.  Apparently the government stopped issuing cards March 31st.  You literally get a piece of paper they print on a normal printer on normal paper now.  This is even more reason to find her SIN card.  Miss M was super cranky as I loaded them both back into the car then folded up the stroller and loaded it into the trunk.  We had time to get to the bank before lunch.

Hubby and I had discussed where to set up the babies’ accounts.  He had suggested setting them up at the credit union that holds our mortgage, etc. but I opted for President’s Choice Financial because of its incredible convenience, being that it is located inside of the grocery store.  I set up a chequing account with PC Financial shortly after having Mr. C and it was the best decision that I have ever made.  There is nowhere that I go more often than the grocery store.  Except for maybe the doctor’s office.  If the doctor’s office ends up housing a bank, I just might open an account there too.  Being able to go to the bank while inside of the grocery store is incredibly convenient for depositing cheques, withdrawing money, etc.  I can do all of my banking with my kids in the shopping cart while I do groceries.  No stroller.  No extra trip.  No extra loading/unloading in and out of car seats. And, now that Loblaw’s has PC points, I get free groceries for different banking transactions.  Once I explained how much easier my life is since having a bank inside the grocery store, Hubby agreed that PC Financial was the way to go.

I loaded both cranky kids into the shopping cart and in we went.   I backed the shopping cart into the bank and an incredibly kind and patient banker set up both kids with their very own savings accounts.  It is worth noting that he did not even ask me for their social insurance numbers after all of that.  They weren’t necessary.  The last time I tried to open accounts for them I was told it couldn’t be done without their social insurance numbers.  Oh well.  At least we’re getting them set up now.  As the banker and I went through all of the paperwork, both kids got a bit fussy.  I was able to keep them occupied by offering goldfish crackers.  Then when we were fresh out of goldfish crackers, I gave Miss M my phone and Mr. C my car keys.  I had left the diaper bag in the car so didn’t have any toys or books to offer.  This worked out well and kept them both entertained.  We set up their debit cards and I transferred their money into their new accounts.  I have been depositing their money from Christmas, birthdays, baptisms into my account and then keeping track with a spreadsheet for when they had their own accounts.  I must say, while it was great to see their savings accounts grow, it was also depressing to see that once I put their money into their respective accounts, my account was basically empty.  It’s a good thing I’m going back to work soon!  If there is one thing I miss about working, it is pay cheques! After looking at the closing balance of my account, I was worried I might have to ask my 11 month old son for a loan to buy groceries this week. Yikes!

With both kids in tears, I collected all of our new paperwork for our new accounts and we were on our way.  PC Financial has a promotion on right now… 2.5% interest on savings accounts until the end of June.  It was a great time to open accounts!  Plus, we also got a free bad of delicious PC Decadent Chocolate Chip cookies.  After picking up ingredients to make homemade chicken noodle soup for my little sickies, I loaded up the babes and groceries and had to stop myself from eating a whole row of chocolate chip cookies on the 5 minute drive home.

After lunch and a nap, Miss M still didn’t seem like herself.  She had a low fever and seemed really tired.  I had make homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner and she refused to eat anything. I decided to take her to the walk-in clinic just to be sure it was just a teething cold.  Normally she bounces back after an outing and some fresh air but she seemed just as tired and just as cranky as first thing this morning.  The clinic doctor examined her and diagnosed her with an ear infection in both ears and a throat infection.  He gave us a prescription for antibiotics and recommended plenty of fluids, rest and Tylenol for the fever.  I felt so bad for her and so guilty for not bringing her to the doctor sooner.

Baby Savings Accounts = Win!

Dragging Sick Baby Around on Errands All Day = Fail!

Our poor little girl was so sick and here I had dragged her to the Service Canada office and then to the bank and for groceries.  She is a trooper…and I am officially the Worst Mother Ever.

andbabymakes3imean4 is one mom’s adventures while tap dancing on the brink of insanity with 2 babies, 11 months apart.  If you liked this post, please follow my blog or like my page on facebook to be the first to know of future posts.  Thanks for reading! xo




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