A “Punkin” for our Pumpkin. $1.39 well spent!

Yesterday we took the kiddos south of the border for a trip to the aquarium, groceries, a gas run and new dance shoes for 2 year old Miss M’s first year of dance class.

Hubby elected to stay in the car with 1 year old Mr. C while I took Miss M into the store for dance shoes. (Random fact: Payless Shoesource Canada only carries toddler-sized ballet slippers in white and pink. Payless Shoesource USA carries them in black which is what she needed for jazz class. Second random fact: My Garmin GPS needs a speech path. It kept pronouncing “Shoesource” as “Shawse-urs”. I realize it’s poor grammar but come on!)

I brought Miss M into the store and picked up a pair of size 8 jazz slippers to try on for size. There was a little bench right behind us. I asked Miss M to sit down so we could try them on. Then I almost died of shock because when I let go of her hand she actually DID WHAT I ASKED. It was weird. (She is a highly active 2 year old after all. I was prepared to chase her the second I let go of her hand!). I took her Dora croc off her foot and almost passed out from the stench. This girl has stinky, sweaty feet. I bought her the Adidas version of crocs/sandals but they gave her blisters so we are back to the old stinkers. I put a little nylon sockette on her foot and she squealed and said “tickles!” This little one is picking up new words every day. It’s unreal. I realize that dance shoes run a little different than street shoes but I could not even get the size 8 on her foot. Her feet are so wide. We ended up settling for a size 10. I wasn’t sure if they were too big but when she took off sprinting through the store while wearing them, I figured they would be just fine. (If she can run around a store in them not listening to instructions, she should be able to do the same thing in a dance room. Hopefully she will also do a little but of listening, learning and dancing in them too!)

We returned to the car. Miss M did not want to get back into the car so she tightened her knees so her legs wouldn’t bend and refused to sit in her seat while she screamed and flailed. I tried everything to wrestle her back into her car seat but she wouldn’t give in. Finally I said “Would you like a cup of milk?” She instantly transformed into sweet little angel mode and piped up “Yes please!”

Off we went to the grocery store. The kiddos were hungry. I was not up for taking them to a restaurant so was hoping that Wegman’s would have a family chicken meal deal or something to feed them quickly. I hadn’t been to this store (or anywhere besides my laundry room and work) in a while and wow! Was I ever amazed! (I am fully aware that I have no life!). They had an incredible salad bar/ hot buffet station. Here I thought I would be settling for a rotisserie chicken and deep fried potato wedges! Instead we feasted on homemade macaroni and cheese, chicken breast topped with pesto and cherry tomatoes, kale Caesar salad, blanched green beans, roasted cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, a delicious tomato/bacon/ranch tortellini salad and sushi that tasted like it was from a sushi restaurant. Yum! We packed our containers and then did a quick run through the grocery store to grab our household staples: organic homogenized milk and craft beer.

The kids had a great time “driving” the super cool shopping cart complete with steering wheels in front of the kiddo seats. Little did we know, we really didn’t have to buy anything for lunch because we samples all kinds of delicious treats throughout the store.

About halfway through our trip, Miss M got restless. No bacon and cheddar burger sample was going to tame her. She unbuckled herself from her seat in the cart and refused to sit down (again.). I took her out and told her she could walk but would have to hold my hand. She did really well. At one point, after being handed a cheese sample, she started to take off on us but stopped herself, turned around, held up her arm and shouted “Hand!” as she reached for my hand. Once she got tired of walking, she happily sat back in the cart as we headed for the checkout.

Hubby and I were loading our loot on to the counter when Miss M suddenly shouted “PUNKINNNNNN!!!!!” We turned around to see her reaching over to the post at the end of the aisle and using it to leverage herself (and the cart) over towards a huge bin of candy bars at the end of the aisle. Before I could process what she was trying to do, she reached over into the bin of candy and pulled out a miniature pumpkin (one of those tiny gourd type of pumpkins) from the bin. With a huge smile on her face, she held it close to her chest while wiggling back and forth in her seat chanting “Punkin! Punkin! Punkin!” with glee.

At this exact moment, I knew we were not leaving the store without that pumpkin. I didn’t even know if we could bring it home. You’re not supposed to bring any type of produce over the border. Hmm. As I pushed the cart through the checkout, I attempted to explain to Miss M that she had to give the pumpkin to the cashier so we could pay for it. I tried to take it from her and she clenched it right screaming “PUNKINNNNNN!” The cashier offered to just scan the code on the bottom of it except there wasn’t one so I had to pry it out of her fingers one at a time so he could put in on the scale to weigh it. Miss M had the meltdown of the century. In an instant, she was wailing with real tears, snotty nose, bright red face and a broken heart. The cashier looked up at me and said “$1.39. Do you want it?” I looked at him and then looked at “horror and devastation personified” in my cart. Umm yes. $1.39 is a small price to pay for peace and quiet… And to make our little girl’s day. Mr. C stared at Miss M as if to say “what is your problem?” and then with a quivering lip as if to say “should I be crying too?” I turned to Hubby and said we had to find one for Mr. C too. Mr. C didn’t seem to care about the damn pumpkin though. He was still steering away at the shopping cart’s steering wheel. Fine. We will only get one.

I still didn’t know if we were even allowed to bring a frickin’ miniature pumpkin over the bridge. Since Miss M would not even put the stupid thing down so we could get her into her car seat, we decided there was only one way to find out.

We headed for the bridge. We declared having $70 worth of goods including a case of beer. The customs officer said “Is everything else food?” Hubby said “yes” and I jumped in “and dance shoes!” since Hubby had forgotten about the dance shoe purchase which seemed like a lifetime ago. We headed home enjoying the peace of 2 sleeping, beautiful babies in the backseat of the car.

It wasn’t until I opened the back door in the driveway that I remembered we had bought a miniature pumpkin and evidently smuggled it over the border. Miss M was fast asleep with her blanket in one hand and her pumpkin in the other.

It wasn’t until we unloaded the groceries that we realized we had left a bag at the store. Damn. We left our cheese and Sriacha hot sauce behind. Aw well. My guess is that this bag had slipped under the race car seats when we were dealing with the mayhem of loading 2 overtired kiddos into the car.

It has now been over 24 hours since our miniature pumpkin purchase. Miss M has not put it down yet. We gave it a good wash when we got home last night which wasn’t overly necessary since it ended up in the bathtub with her, tucked into bed with her and then started the day off with her at the breakfast table.

Miss M does not go anywhere without her blanket which she originally called “Bee” but then learned “Blankie” at daycare but now that she has grown up over night, she calls “Blanket.”

Tonight as I dressed her in pajamas after her bath and tucked her into bed, she immediately cried out “Blanket! PUNKIN “. Hubby, Miss M, Mr C and “Punkin” cuddled into Miss M’s bed and read at least 5 books. I brought A tired and adorable Mr. C to his room while Hubby tucked in Miss M and Punkin. This was the best $1.39 ice ever spent.

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