Group Potty Training: I Check Tonight off as “Progress!”

Last night I was bathing both kiddos and watching them gleefully splash and play in the tub when 2.5 year old Miss M filled the rinse jug with water and froze mid-motion, just as she was about to dump it on 19 month old Mr. C’s head. She looked up at me with a look of horror on her face. I jumped from my lifeguard perch (the toilet) and bent down to ask her what was wrong.

With watery eyes and a bit of a grunt she replied “Poo Poo! Potty!” You have to go to the potty? “Yes!” she replied. We have been desperately trying to get Miss M interested in toilet training. We have been reading books, talking about it constantly, and have even downloaded an Elmo “potty” app on the iPad where she can touch the screen to unroll the toilet paper and flush the toilet. She understands the concept but applying it to real life is a whole other story.

I quickly scooped her out of the tub, stood her on the mat while I fumbled to put her Dora the Explorer potty training seat on the toilet and then plopped her down on the toilet. Approximately 1 millisecond later (at the longest), she jumped off the seat enthusiastically exclaiming “All done!” and then asked for a sticker. We have been giving her a sticker whenever she successfully goes to the potty. Each and every time she receives a sticker, she sticks it on the toilet seat. We now have a collage of victory stickers on our toilet seat. They are her trophies. I really can’t argue with her logic.

Mr. C watched intently from the bathtub repeating the word “Potty!” over and over while pointing at his sister. I explained to Miss M that she had to sit down on the potty and try to go poop. I plopped her back on the seat and asked her to try again. This time, she jumped off of the toilet seat and applauded then proceeded to sing Dora’s “I did it! I did it! I did it! Yeah!!!” while dancing completely naked around the bathroom. I didn’t even know she knew the words to that song! Listen kiddo! You didn’t do it! You can fake a lot of things in this world but pooping in the potty is not one of them. The proof is in the bowl.

I tried to put her back on the potty but she jumped off screaming “Tub!” and quickly climbed back into the bathtub.

As she climbed in, Mr. C climbed out screaming “Potty! Potty!” He wanted a turn. It’s quite possible he might be toilet-trained before his older sister. I sat him down on the training seat on the toilet. He squealed with excitement and kicked his feet while wearing the hugest smile on his face as he held on to the handles of the seat. When he “finished,” I put him back in the tub. As he sat down in the tub, I immediately realized that Miss M had pooped in the bathtub during our “potty break.” Gross.. Her logs of poop were floating around the tub amongst the bath toys. I quickly scooped poor Mr. C out of the tub, followed by Miss M.

I towelled them off, brushed their teeth and then escorted them out of the bathroom, pulling the door shut so I could deal with that later.

As I diapered them, I suddenly realized that with all of this potty talk, I had to go pee! I flung the bathroom door open and was immediately smacked across the face by the smell of floating poo. I drained the bath tub while sitting on the toilet. Multitasking is an essential skill for any Mommy. When I finished peeing and turned to flush the toilet, Miss M jumped in front of me and enthusiastically shouted “Good Job!” I burst out laughing. When I flushed the toilet and turned to wash my hands she intercepted my path demanding “a five? A five?” meaning she wanted to give me a high-5 for my excellent work peeing on the toilet. I accepted. It’s nice to feel appreciated, after all.

I could not stop laughing at this whole crazy potty experience. I put the kids to bed and then returned to the bath room to scoop the poop out of the now drained bath tub and sanitize the bath toys and tub.

There are not enough Lysol wipes in the world for this household. I will sign tonight off as “progress” in the potty-training journey.

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