New Year’s Eve 2015:  Ringing in the New Year with the Littles

A little overdue in publishing this one… Further proof that I am months behind on life! 😉

New Year’s Eve 2015 was one of the best new year’s celebrations we have had in a while.  Not only was it the first new year’s in 3 years that everyone was healthy but it was the first year that our (older) little ones (ages 3 and 2) were old enough to somewhat understand and take part in the celebration!  Aren’t toddlers always up for a party?

We decided to stay in and treat ourselves to a New Year’s Eve feast of steak, lobster, shrimp, garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed veggies and Caesar salad.  The kids were super helpful in scrubbing the potatoes and veggies.  One of the best purchases I’ve ever made is the purchase of the duck and pig scrub brushes I bought at the dollar store.  They are perfect for toddlers to grip and don’t have a handle that can instantly be used as weapon like my other dish and vegetable brushes.  Toddlers can start arguing out of nowhere and over pretty much nothing… Like the stool, the side of the sink they want to stand at or the sprayer.  Arming them with hard plastic brushes was a mistake of the past. Plus, since getting them involved in washing vegetables they are in sight but out of the way while I’m cooking, entertained and, I don’t think we have ever had cleaner vegetables!  They happily scrub the crap out of them!
Hubby decided to bring home live lobsters as a treat and as a fun experience for the kiddos.  Neither of us had ever cooked live lobster before and I was both excited and nervous about how the kids would react to them!  I figured they would either be terrified of them and want nothing to do with them.  Or, they would love them as pets and not want to murder them for the sake of dinner.  Their reaction was priceless.  They were so excited to see the lobsters moving in the cooler but didn’t want to touch them.  Two-year old Mr. C kept calling them ‘monsters’ instead of lobsters and I really couldn’t tell him he was wrong given how scary they tend to look with their claws banded shut, crawling around the kitchen floor.

“I don’t like the monsters, Mommy!” he screamed as Hubby held them up and explained all of their body parts.  As time went on, both kids warmed up to the lobsters.  (Ironically, they warmed up at the same speed as our pot of water on the stove.). It was time for Hubby to explain what was going to happen to our creepy, little crustacean friends.  “We are going to eat these lobsters…” He started and then paused to gauge our toddlers’ response.  At first, they were confused but then, they were unexpectedly accepting of the lobsters’ fate.  “I’m going to eat the ears!”, Miss M declared.  “I want to eat his neck!” claimed Mr. C.  Umm okay.  Sure.  You two can eat the parts that no one else wants.  Do lobsters even have ears?  Hilarious.

We said our goodbyes to our lobsters and dropped them into the boiling water.  Neither kid was upset by this at all.  They were born to surf & turf!

Hubby and I lifted them up to check on the lobsters as they cooked and watch them turn a brilliant red.  We set the table and poured the kids’ milk into wine glasses.  It was New Year’s Eve, after all!

After we finished our absolutely delicious feast, we started a new (to us) tradition.  I found the idea on Pinterest.  Basically, there is a list of questions that you ask your little ones and the ideas is that you ask these same questions every year and watch how the responses change.

I will probably videotape their responses in the future or have them print them once they learn to print but for our first year, here goes… Unprompted, unguided responses!

Madelyn, 3 years old

Favourite Thing to…

Do: play
Eat: lobsters

Wear: dresses and my dance bodysuits

Read: animal book

Watch: Animal Mechanicals, Clifford

Listen to: Mommy

(This was actually her answer.  I couldn’t believe it!  No really.  I DON’T believe it!  Hubby asked if she had anything brown on her nose!)

Things I loved about this year:

  • Did things to help
  • Hanging up the stockings
  • Opening our sleeping bags
  • Clean up toys

Wait a second…

  • Decorate the Christmas tree
  • Opening presents
  • Watching movies
  • Went to friends’ birthday parties
  • Fishing
  • Went to Funtown
  • Picnic in backyard
  • soccer and dance class

Things I’m thankful for:

  • Cherries
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Mommy
  • Coley
  • Oliver
  • Daddy

Things I want to do next year:

  • Go to school!
  • Bring lunch in a backpack
  • Buy a leopard backpack

Cole, Age 2

Favourite thing to….

Do:  Play on the computer

Eat: bananas

Wear: underwear

Read: dinosaur book

Watch: songs

Listen to: skinnamarink

Things I loved about this year:

  • Songs

Things I’m thankful for:

  • A house
  • Doll house
  • Fire station

Things I want to do next year:

  • Play with some dinosaurs and ABC letters

I can’t wait to collect these responses each year and look back to see how much they’ve grown and changed!

From our family to yours, Happy New Year!

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