Welcome to My Monkeys, My Circus!

Hello and welcome to My Monkeys, My Circus!

I am so very excited to be writing my first blog post on my brand new blog! Yay!

My name is Lesley and I am a mom blogger.  That has an AAish ring to it, doesn’t it?  I’m keeping it because that is sort of fitting to the theme of my blog.

Over a year ago, I abandoned my blog, andbabymakes3imean4.  Yes, abandoned.  Firstly, the name didn’t fit our story anymore since we had another baby just as I was getting a solid base of readers!  It took me a very long time to decide what to rename my blog so that monkey #3 would be reflected in the title.  Secondly, andbabymakes3imean4 was very much dedicated to sharing the hilarious adventures and antics with our Irish twins, Miss M who is now 5 years old and Mr. C who is now 4 years old.  In 2016, my motherhood story took a dark and scary twist when  I began my battle with Postpartum Depression.  Writing has always been a therapeutic outlet for me.  I love writing about the good, the bad and the ugly and since becoming a mom I have thoroughly enjoyed writing about real life.  PPD made real life terrifying and confusing and something that I couldn’t write about because I couldn’t face it.  My blog has been my journal.  In Sesame Street terms, when I am happy, my blog posts are happy (and usually a bit sarcastic and witty.)  When I am sad, my posts are sad too.  I write about my life, I write about my feelings and then I press “Publish” and hope that the funny ones make someone smile and that the stressed, panicked, anxious, overwhelmed ones reach someone who feels the same way and can take comfort in knowing they aren’t alone in their feelings.

My journey through PPD was something that I wasn’t ready to take any more passengers along for.  My family was already along for the ride (without having much of a say in the matter) but I couldn’t bring anyone else in to this very scary and unpredictable journey.  At the time, there was a very long and dark tunnel that I wasn’t sure I would ever see light in.  I couldn’t face it myself, nevermind try to explain it to others.  So I walked away from my blog.  Then, I went back to working full time and Miss M started school and life got busier and busier and it because easier and easier to make excuses for not blogging.

However, now that I am more or less on track, I miss blogging.  I miss having posts to look back on (especially since I always told myself that my blog posts about my children would be the gift I give them someday when they want to know why their baby books still have the original shrink wrap covering them. Oops!  I also miss sharing our stories and chatting with other people all over the world who are riding the same rollercoaster called Parenthood.  It’s incredible to be able to laugh together, cry together, share advice and feel connected.

So I’m back.

My Monkeys, My Circus.

Have you ever heard the expression “Not My Monkeys, Not My Circus?”  It’s one that is used to basically say “Not my problem” or “I am not responsible for this nonsense.”

Well, these 3 beautiful children ARE my monkeys.  And this IS my circus.

And just like that, My Monkeys, My Circus is born.

andbabymakes3imean4 is resurrected. (All my old blog posts can be found here too!)

While I will still be writing about our crazy adventures and the things my kids do to make me laugh, cry, and/or DRINK, I will also be writing about other stuff too.  Because one of my greatest learnings through motherhood and through my last blog was that I am a mother but I am a lot of other things too.  Motherhood is an incredibly huge part of my life but there is more to my life too.  There has to be… or what kind of a mother would I be? Another one of my favourite expressions is “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” So, in my new, revamped blog, I will also be sharing posts on things I’m doing to fill my cup.

Let the official ribbon cutting ceremony begin!

Welcome to “My Monkeys, My Circus!”

As always, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for reading. xo

cole monkey

Mr. C’s drawing of a monkey


Miss M’s “Monkey in a Tree”

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