My Kinders on Ash Wednesday…

My 5 year old, Miss M and 4 year old, Mr. C got to attend Ash Wednesday mass at church with their school today.

Here is their story…

Me: Did you guys get to go to church today?

M&C: Yes!!!

M: They put ashes on our heads just like you said!

C: But mine came off.

Me: That’s okay, Bud.

C: I think it came off because they mix it with water. But don’t worry Mom… I think the ashes are WASHABLE! That’s why they already came right off my face with NO scrubbing so I can skip bath tonight.

Me: No you can’t. 😂

C: They probably shouldn’t mix it with water so they will stay on better.

M: The ashes on our heads are made from burnt food.

Me: I don’t know about that… who told you that?!

M: You did!

Me: I did?

M: Yes! Remember last year when I asked you what would happen if we burned our food for a really long time and YOU TOLLLLD ME it would turn into ashes! And that’s what we got our faces painted with….ASHES… ashes made out of burnt food.

Me: They don’t “paint them on your faces.” They make the sign of the cross. I might be a little rusty but I’m pretty sure that the ashes come from burned palm branches, NOT burnt food.

C: What’s Palm branches?

Me: Palm branches are the branches on palm trees.

M: Awwww! but palm trees are SO pretty! They shouldn’t burn them! 😩

C: No, they shouldn’t. That’s REALLY bad and VERY dangerous to be making fires like that!😲

Me: ……..🙄

M: Mum, remember that time when we went swimming and you forgot that you put French fries in the oven and then they were sooooo burned and black and you said that we couldn’t eat them because they were almost ashes?

Me: …yes. 🙈

M: We should have saved them! Then we could have brought them to the church today so they wouldn’t have to light REAL palm trees on fire!

Me: They don’t “light palm trees…”

C: That’s a really good idea, Mads!

M: I know! The next time Mommy burns our food, let’s save it, okay?

C: Okay!


What’s fascinating about this encounter is that when I took them to Great Wolf Lodge for their second stay, they had no memory of ever being there before. When I asked them to pack their library books to return them to school, they couldn’t remember where they left them. When I asked them to clean up their playroom while I made dinner, they forgot. Yet, they seem to have very clear and vivid memories of a random conversation we had about burned food becoming ashes. And, of course, they can immediately recall me burning a tray of French fries LAST SUMMER! Ha!

Please excuse my kids as they make it their mission to save all the palm trees… and burn all the food.

My monkeys, My circus… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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